Project of a lifetime

DATAGRO's team is comprised of professionals who believe in the agricultural, livestock and agribusiness sectors as propellers for economic growth and social development.

They believe that there is still a huge room for increasing productivity and improving decision-making processes that are carried out by the different agents involved in the production chain and marketing of these products.

DATAGRO's professionals are fully committed to providing information, data and analyses in time, independently and without bias, and believe that by doing things this way they will support decision making and contribute to higher levels of efficiency and economic results to its Clients.

DATAGRO and its professionals believe in personal growth and continuous development of their own qualification.

DATAGRO and its professionals believe in the value of energetic agriculture, as an activity that supports and boosts food agriculture, in the value of biomass and biofuels - bioethanol, biodiesel, bioelectricity and biogas - as clean energy sources, which promote the economic development, and that are important activities associated to other crops such as grains, sugar beet and also beef cattle.

DATAGRO believes in holding the mission of educating society more and more about the value and contribution given by agriculture, livestock and agribusiness back to society itself.

DATAGRO is organized in order to acknowledge and appreciate the talents that are part of it, ensuring all people that are within DATAGRO's environment that they will be rewarded for their talent and contribution as a true and fulfilling "Project of a lifetime".


Sugar Spot 01/17/2018
Crystal NNE¹ (RS/50kg) 68.80
Crystal SP² (R$/50kg) 58.95
VHP FOB Santos (US$/ton) 298.75
Sugar S India - Kolhapur (INR/100kg) 3,065.30
(¹) DATAGRO, with taxes (²) Cepea, with taxes
Ethanol (R$/m³) - Spot² 01/17/2018
Hydrous - SP 1,863.77
Hydrous - PR 1,831.50
Hydrous - NNE 1,737.26
Hydrous - MG -
Hydrous - GO 1,976.82
Hydrous - MS 1,849.10
Anhydrous - SP 1,977.43
Anhydrous - PR -
Anhydrous - NNE 1,853.51
Anhydrous - MS -
Anhydrous - GO 1,944.10
(²) DATAGRO, without taxes
Sugar - 1st Future 01/17/2018
NY Sugar #11 (US$c/lb) - ICE 13.42
NY Sugar #16 (US$c/lb) - ICE 26.75
White Sugar #5 (US$/t) - ICEU 360.90
White Sugar Container (US$/t) - ICEU 362.90
Fuels - 1st Future 01/17/2018
Hydrous Ethanol (R$/m³) - BM&F 1,917.50
Ethanol CBOT (US$/gal) - CME 1.3590
Gasoline RBOB (US$/gal) - CME 1.8584
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) - CME 63.97
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