The VIP Reports are prepared with the purpose of monitoring the main events of the sugar and biofuel sectors and other correlated markets, with innovative analysis indicating perspectives and trends.

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Is that all there a surplus? 11/07/2017 - Source: View
Raw sugar delivery against Oct/17 expiry is higher than expected 10/02/2017 - Source: View
Brazil´s Ministry of Agriculture publishes the U.S. sugar quota distribution for the 2017/18 crop amongst North-Northeast sugar mills and 4 units join the final list 09/20/2017 - Source: View
Ukraine delivers white sugar in London for the first time in history 09/19/2017 - Source: View
USDA raises U.S. 2017/18 sugar import estimate 09/13/2017 - Source: View
USTR sets 2017/18 sugar tariff-rate quota allocation 09/13/2017 - Source: View
Brazilian exports of sugar through containers increase more than 10% in the first half of 2017 08/17/2017 - Source: View
USTR announces country-specific allocation of the revised 2016/17 tariff-rate quota 08/03/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO raises India's 2017/18 sugar production estimate on higher cane acreage for 2017/18 07/26/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO revises 2017/18 world sugar surplus upwards 07/24/2017 - Source: View
White sugar delivery against ICE #5 Aug/17 contract stays below market expectation 07/17/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO lowers Russia's 2017/18 sugar production estimate 07/17/2017 - Source: View
European Union: 2017/18 sugar production is likely to be higher than expected as weather conditions come back to normal 07/13/2017 - Source: View
Legislative proposal that reduces maximum weight of bagged cargo to 30kg is given priority for voting at the Lower House of Brazilian Congress 07/04/2017 - Source: View
Delivery against ICE Jul/17 contract was the second highest among all months in history 07/03/2017 - Source: View
USDA sets the 2017/18 sugar tariff-rate quota 07/03/2017 - Source: View
Pakistan sees higher exportable surplus as sugar production hits all-time record in 2016/17 06/28/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO launches vessel Line-up for sugar shipments in India - Imports and Exports 06/21/2017 - Source: View
India: sugar exports surpass imports during the first quarter of 2017 06/14/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's Center-South region increases sugar mix in the 2H May despite rainy weather and low prices 06/13/2017 - Source: View
Brazilian sugar shipment slows down the pace 06/08/2017 - Source: View
Indonesia increases raw sugar imports in March 06/05/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO raises India's sugar production estimate 05/26/2017 - Source: View
Thailand's sugar exports gather pace in April 05/25/2017 - Source: View
U.S. sugar imports from Mexico to double in 2017/18 05/12/2017 - Source: View
Brazil delivers the highest volume of sugar against NY's sugar contract in history 05/03/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO increases world sugar deficit estimate for 2016/17 and maintain flag a more balanced market in the 2017/18 season 02/06/2017 - Source: View
In spite of dry weather, Australia should increase sugar production in 2015/16 07/13/2015 - Source: View
In Brazil, sugar exportation numbers in February were the lowest in nine years 03/05/2015 - Source: View
Only Guatemala participates of white sugar delivery over Mar/15 screen of London 02/23/2015 - Source: View
In 2014, exports of sugar in bags via containers increased in Brazil 02/19/2015 - Source: View