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The VIP Reports are prepared basis with the purpose of monitoring the main events of the sugar and biofuel sectors and other correlated markets, with innovative analysis indicating perspectives and trends.

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US reduce ethanol exports in August 10/18/2017 - Source: View
U.S. Sugar consumption surpasses world growth average 10/18/2017 - Source: View
Russia is likely to reduce beet acreage drastically 10/18/2017 - Source: View
Forex and tight stocks threaten European sugar export competitiveness 10/11/2017 - Source: View
Higher than expected sugar production in the EU and Russia lifts surplus forecast for 2017/18 world sugar balance 09/28/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO raises forecast on European Union's 2017/18 sugar production 09/19/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO revises upwards Russia's 2017/18 sugar production estimate 09/18/2017 - Source: View
U.S ethanol exports gather pace in July 09/18/2017 - Source: View
China decides to auction more than 300 k mt of sugar from stocks in order to curb domestic price increase 09/08/2017 - Source: View
India approves additional raw sugar import quota 09/08/2017 - Source: View
European Union: good weather conditions boost expectations on higher sugar production in 2017/18 08/23/2017 - Source: View
India faces irregular rainfall less than two months before the start of the 2017/18 crop 08/22/2017 - Source: View
Argentina: ethanol production hits all-time record in 1st half of 2017 08/22/2017 - Source: View
Australia starts 2017/18 crop two months earlier, but DATAGRO forecasts lower sugar production 08/17/2017 - Source: View
India mulls additional sugar import quota and DATAGRO analyzes domestic S&D 08/08/2017 - Source: View
USDA announces an additional 2016/17 TRQ and reallocates unused quota from various countries 07/25/2017 - Source: View
U.S ethanol exports increase in May due to higher demand from Brazil 07/17/2017 - Source: View
EPA sets 2018 RFS volume requirements and decreases target for cane ethanol and cellulosic 07/06/2017 - Source: View
India ends the 2016/17 crop and sees recovery in domestic sugar consumption 07/03/2017 - Source: View
Cane acreage for 2017/18 season in India rises in line with DATAGRO's projection 06/22/2017 - Source: View
China ends 2016/17 crop season with sugar production in line with DATAGRO's estimate 06/08/2017 - Source: View
U.S ethanol exports gather pace with Brazil as main destination 06/08/2017 - Source: View
India: sugar imports become viable despite the tariff 06/07/2017 - Source: View
Brazil formalizes application for OECD membership 05/31/2017 - Source: View
Chinese sugar imports remain viable despite the import tariff hike 05/25/2017 - Source: View
China raises sugar import tariff, but deficit in domestic balance is likely to remain 05/22/2017 - Source: View
China increases sugar imports by smuggling. DATAGRO estimates the unaccounted imports 06/22/2016 - Source: View
Sugar imports in China hit all-time record in 2014/15 10/22/2015 - Source: View
RIN prices under pressure with higher biodiesel supply 08/20/2015 - Source: View
India?s government considers measure that you make compulsory sugar exports 08/05/2015 - Source: View
Credit generation in California's LCFS fell amid lower carbon credit price 07/28/2015 - Source: View
U.S. senate committee passes bill on tax credit extenders to biodiesel and cellulosic ethanol 07/24/2015 - Source: View
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) opens second cycle of public comments regarding the reestablishment of LCFS 07/22/2015 - Source: View
India: Perspectives for 2015/16 crop 07/22/2015 - Source: View
India and Thailand take part of the London sugar delivery against Aug/15 07/22/2015 - Source: View
European Union: lower sugar production in 2015/16 is forecasted due to beet planting decline 07/22/2015 - Source: View
State of Oregon, USA, suspends project that would replace LCFS with higher taxes 07/21/2015 - Source: View
USDA raises projections on U.S. sugar imports 07/10/2015 - Source: View
After a slight decrease in 2014/15, Thailand shall expand sugar production in 2015/16 05/25/2015 - Source: View
The European Parliament approves new target for biofuels consumption in the European Union 05/08/2015 - Source: View
DuPont's second-generation ethanol plant should start operating up to June 05/08/2015 - Source: View
Sugar production in India exceeds 27 million tons 05/08/2015 - Source: View
USA investigates again sugar imports from Mexico 05/06/2015 - Source: View
In India, as 2014/15 crop is 95% completed, it is likely to be finished with greater stocks of sugar 05/04/2015 - Source: View
EPA announces methodology for prices of cellulosic ethanol credits and discloses values for 2014 and 2015 05/04/2015 - Source: View
Designed to produce cellulosic ethanol, Fiberight's plant now plans to produce biogas 05/04/2015 - Source: View
European Parliament approves limit for first-generation biofuels in transportation 04/30/2015 - Source: View
In India, main sugar producing state announces additional subsidy to sugar exports 04/22/2015 - Source: View
Ethanol prices rise again in the USA due to decrease in stocks 04/20/2015 - Source: View
In the USA, ethanol exports in February beat record for the month 04/20/2015 - Source: View
In Colombia, ethanol industry pressures the government into hindering the importation of the American product 04/20/2015 - Source: View
Thailand expands crushing at the end of 2014/15 crop and sugar production exceeds initial forecast 04/20/2015 - Source: View
USDA raises estimate of sugar importation in the USA 04/20/2015 - Source: View
The European Parliament and the European Council converge regarding target of biofuels consumption 04/13/2015 - Source: View
Russia reduces sugar imports due to exchange rates 04/07/2015 - Source: View
Thailand has completed more than 90% of 2014/15 crop 04/06/2015 - Source: View
ITC approves sugar importation agreement between the USA and Mexico 03/27/2015 - Source: View
Colombia closes 2014 with record sugarcane crushing 03/26/2015 - Source: View
Amid difficulties to export, India raises sugar production 03/20/2015 - Source: View
LCFS project in the state of Oregon is approved by the House of Representatives and now depends on government's sanction 03/10/2015 - Source: View
In India, sugar production presented a good rhythm until February, despite local industry's increasing debt 03/09/2015 - Source: View
In the state of Oregon, Senate approves the LCFS project 03/09/2015 - Source: View
DATAGRO reduces estimate of deficit in world sugar balance in 2014/15 03/05/2015 - Source: View
State of Washington discloses proposal for the introduction of the LCFS program 03/02/2015 - Source: View
The European Parliament approved the original proposal that reduces the target of biofuels consumption in the European Union 03/02/2015 - Source: View
In 2014, ethanol beats record of production in the USA 03/02/2015 - Source: View
State of Oregon analyzes draft that aims to make permanent the low-carbon fuels program 02/23/2015 - Source: View
In 2014, ethanol exports increased in the USA as a result of rise in domestic production 02/23/2015 - Source: View
In 2014/15, India might produce more sugar than the expected, in spite of plants' financial crisis 02/23/2015 - Source: View
The US Congress receives projects to modify the RFS 02/19/2015 - Source: View
India plans to build its first cellulosic ethanol plant 02/09/2015 - Source: View
State of Oregon will vote on implementation of LCFS 01/09/2015 - Source: View
In India, 2014/15 crop keeps good rhythm of production 01/09/2015 - Source: View
USDA raises estimate of final sugar inventory for 2014/15 12/29/2014 - Source: View
Australia is about to close the 2014/15 harvest 12/29/2014 - Source: View
Production hits record and USA focuses on ethanol exports 12/29/2014 - Source: View
India: 2014/15 crop keeps good crushing rhythm 12/22/2014 - Source: View
Sugar production in Russia will be higher than initially expected for 2014/15 12/17/2014 - Source: View
China begins 2014/15 crop presenting fall in imports 12/16/2014 - Source: View
Thailand closes 2013/14 crop presenting fall in sugar exports 12/15/2014 - Source: View