The VIP Reports are prepared with the purpose of monitoring the main events of the sugar and biofuel sectors and other correlated markets, with innovative analysis indicating perspectives and trends.

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Slowdown in CS Brazil cane crushing is offset by better sucrose content by second half of October 11/13/2017 - Source: View
What is the most likely scenario for Brazil's CS 2018/19 cane crop season? 11/07/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in NNE Brazil still trails behind amid unfavorable weather condition 10/25/2017 - Source: View
CS Brazil cane crushing slows down in 1HOct on rainy weather while hydrous consumption surpasses last year's amid stronger ethanol mix 10/24/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in NNE Brazil lags more than 15% behind last season until September 10/13/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in Brazil's CS comes within expected in 2HSep accompanied with higher sucrose content 10/10/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in NNE Brazil trails behind last as few mills start operation in top two producing states 10/03/2017 - Source: View
Higher number of spot fires in cane fields of Brazil's Center-South region raise concern for the next crop 09/26/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in Brazil's CS recovers pace in 1HSep accompanied with better than expected sucrose content 09/26/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's North-Northeast kicks off the 2017/18 crop without major delay 09/14/2017 - Source: View
Center-South Brazil slows down cane crushing while increases ethanol mix in 2HAug 09/12/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO conducts survey on the final date mills in Sao Paulo state plan to end the 2017/18 crop 09/05/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing slows down in Brazil's CS during 1st half of August, but accompanied by better sucrose content 08/28/2017 - Source: View
Sugar production reaches all-time record in Brazil's CS during 2nd half of July, but dry spell hits ag yields 08/11/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's Center-South region keeps cane crushing apace with strong sugar mix in the 1HJuly 07/25/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in Brazil's CS gathers pace with higher sugar mix and better agricultural yield 07/12/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in Brazil's Center-South gathers pace in 1st half of June 06/28/2017 - Source: View
Mills in Brazil's Center-South to speed up cane crushing in the 1 half of June as weather turns drier 06/22/2017 - Source: View
Brazil biosecurity agency approves the first GM sugarcane 06/08/2017 - Source: View
Sao Paulo and other states of Brazil's Center-South region increases sugar mix in the 1H May 05/26/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing Brazil's Center-South drops more than 30% in 2HApr due to slow start of operations 05/11/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's Center-South ends 2016/17 crushing 607.14 mmt of cane 04/12/2017 - Source: View
Cane crushing in Center-South gathers pace, but crop is still delayed in Sao Paulo 10/08/2015 - Source: View
Rainy weather hit cane crushing in Center-South and mills increase their focus on ethanol 09/28/2015 - Source: View
Centre-South region presents progress in sugarcane crushing in the first fortnight of April 05/06/2015 - Source: View
Monitoring of market estimates concerning 2015/16 crop in the Centre-South region 05/06/2015 - Source: View
In the Centre-South, beginning of 2015/16 crop presents greater production of hydrous ethanol and lower concentration of sucrose 04/22/2015 - Source: View
Heavy rainfall in February and March benefits sugarcane development in São Paulo 04/10/2015 - Source: View
Crushing in the North-Northeast region is improved by crop's better rhythm in Alagoas 04/07/2015 - Source: View
In spite of drier weather, the North-Northeast region registers increase in productivity in 2014/15 crop 02/27/2015 - Source: View
Sugarcane crushing in Centre-South presents progress in the second fortnight of January 02/19/2015 - Source: View
North-Northeast region recovers crushing rhythm in the second fortnight of November 12/29/2014 - Source: View
Rainfall affects again crushing in Center-South during the first fortnight of December 12/29/2014 - Source: View