The VIP Reports are prepared with the purpose of monitoring the main events of the sugar and biofuel sectors and other correlated markets, with innovative analysis indicating perspectives and trends.

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Hydrous ethanol consumption in Brazil hits the highest volume in a year 10/31/2017 - Source: View
Automakers installed in Brazil research flex hybrid and fuel cell vehicles for the next few year 10/26/2017 - Source: View
How is the Chinese ethanol market looking for 2020? 10/24/2017 - Source: View
Brazilian ethanol imports slow down with no vessels being scheduled for November arrival 10/18/2017 - Source: View
Hydrous ethanol consumption in Brazil shows poor recovery in August 10/03/2017 - Source: View
EPA considers ethanol exports to count towards RFS mandate 10/02/2017 - Source: View
Brazilian out-of-quota ethanol import arbitrage is likely to open slightly in 1Q18 09/13/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's Secretariat of Foreign Trade publishes criteria on ethanol import quota allocation 09/05/2017 - Source: View
Gasoline consumption in Brazil reaches another record for July, while hydrous ethanol consumption still runs behind last year's 09/01/2017 - Source: View
Camex publishes resolution that officially imposes a tariff rate quota on ethanol imports 09/01/2017 - Source: View
How will the tariff quota on ethanol imports in Brazil work? 08/25/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's foreign trade chamber approves ethanol import tariff 08/23/2017 - Source: View
U.S ethanol exports slow down on lower demand from Brazil, despite higher shipment to India 08/16/2017 - Source: View
Hydrous ethanol consumption hits the year's highest daily average 08/01/2017 - Source: View
Ethanol prices rose more than 6% in São Paulo, squeezing the difference with regards to sugar market 07/31/2017 - Source: View
Ethanol price increase opens import arbitrage to Northeast Brazil 07/31/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO analyzes the PIS/Cofins hike effect on ethanol prices at consumer and producer levels 07/24/2017 - Source: View
More than 50 Brazilian mills have been certified under California´s LCFS program 07/20/2017 - Source: View
Ethanol price recovers in São Paulo 07/20/2017 - Source: View
Brazil´s Ministry of Mines and Energy has placed in public consultation proposal of new legislation for Biofuels under RenovaBio 07/06/2017 - Source: View
Which are the companies responsible for ethanol imports in Brazil? DATAGRO ranks the main ethanol importers 07/04/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's gasoline demand hits all-time record for May 07/03/2017 - Source: View
Number of mills that met with minimum ethanol stocks targets increases in 2016/17 06/22/2017 - Source: View
Arbitrage to export ethanol to California remains favorable for Brazil and another vessels is nominated for June shipment 06/22/2017 - Source: View
US ethanol production capacity maintains growth path 06/20/2017 - Source: View
CNPE sets strategic directives for the national policy of biofuels 06/08/2017 - Source: View
California LCFS: carbon credit generation hits all-time record in 2016 06/07/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's fuels demand slows down in April 06/05/2017 - Source: View
Brazilian ethanol imports in 2017 surpass one billion liters until 1HJune 05/31/2017 - Source: View
DATAGRO raises its corn ethanol production estimate in crop 2017/18 05/22/2017 - Source: View
Hydrous ethanol at the pump is more competitive in the capitals of São Paulo and Mato Grosso 04/26/2016 - Source: View
Hydrous ethanol consumption in Brazil hit an all-time record in August 09/28/2015 - Source: View
Ethanol prices continue to slide, despite lower domestic stocks 08/20/2015 - Source: View
Brazilian Ethanol shipments schedule for July must the highest in the last 18 months 07/22/2015 - Source: View
Ethanol exports falls by for the third consecutive month in the USA 07/13/2015 - Source: View
U.S. reduces ethanol exports in April 06/09/2015 - Source: View
Arbitrage window for Brazil's North-Northeast ethanol imports must widen due to lower prices in the U.S. market 05/21/2015 - Source: View
The White House OMB receives EPA ethanol proposals 05/06/2015 - Source: View
Another vessel is scheduled to unload ethanol in the North-Northeast region 05/06/2015 - Source: View
ANP publishes resolution concerning new specification and regulation for ethanol commercialization 04/29/2015 - Source: View
Positive expectation of actions for damages for ethanol price control during the 1980s 04/13/2015 - Source: View
Consumption of hydrous ethanol beats the record for February 04/07/2015 - Source: View
Brazilian ethanol recovers competitiveness in external market 03/26/2015 - Source: View
The European Union reduces ethanol imports in 2014 03/26/2015 - Source: View
Consumption of hydrous in January is the greatest for the month since 2009 03/12/2015 - Source: View
Government discloses resolution regarding rise of ethanol in gasoline 03/11/2015 - Source: View
Vessel coming from the Europe will unload ethanol in the North-Northeast 03/04/2015 - Source: View
What are ANP's main proposals regarding specification and commercialization of ethanol? 02/11/2015 - Source: View
Rhythm of ethanol production in the US sets a new record 12/29/2014 - Source: View
Even with an increase in inventories on the domestic market, ethanol prices remain high 12/17/2014 - Source: View
Consumption of hydrous ethanol reaches highest level since December 2010 12/17/2014 - Source: View
Cellulosic ethanol beats record of production in USA 12/01/2014 - Source: View