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The VIP Reports are prepared with the purpose of monitoring the main events of the sugar and biofuel sectors and other correlated markets, with innovative analysis indicating perspectives and trends.

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Biogas scoops up most of U.S. cellulosic biofuel market 10/18/2017 - Source: View
Brazil's gasoline imports hit all-time record in 2017 amid supply glut in the U.S. market 08/16/2017 - Source: View
After nine price corrections, check how is the gasoline price differential today 07/14/2017 - Source: View
Petrobras announces the fifth fuels price correction since June 30th 07/10/2017 - Source: View
Brazilian government approves resolution establishing guidelines for biofuels import 04/11/2017 - Source: View
Unlike gasoline, diesel prices has been set above the international market level 08/05/2015 - Source: View
Larger consumption of ethanol and currency devaluation affect gasoline imports in March 04/20/2015 - Source: View
Brazil keeps the rhythm of gasoline imports in February 03/12/2015 - Source: View