Assisted Management

DATAGRO seeks through its innovative and differentiated analysis to provide powerful tools to help understanding the market, adding value to commercial and strategic positioning of its customers.

In this context, the services of Assisted Management consist of monitoring, planning and management of needs related to the agricultural, industrial, administrative and commercial context of its customers, covering environmental risk management, finance, technology and safety and social responsibility to base investment decisions in sugar and alcohol producing companies.

To ensure the highest quality of the process, we rely on our skilled specialists to prepare companies for the possibility of risks and to identify them and address them, if any occur. Additionally, this consultancy have as purpose to reveal the expectations of producers and trends for sugar and ethanol production in Brazil along the harvest.



Sugar Spot 11/16/2017
Crystal NNE¹ (RS/50kg) 63.92
Crystal SP² (R$/50kg) 64.48
VHP FOB Santos (US$/ton) 336.77
Sugar S India - Kolhapur (INR/100kg) 3,474.00
(¹) DATAGRO, with taxes (²) Cepea, with taxes
Ethanol (R$/m³) - Spot² 11/16/2017
Anhydrous - GO 1,769.10
Anhydrous - MS -
Anhydrous - NNE 1,690.18
Anhydrous - PR -
Anhydrous - SP 1,825.77
Hydrous - MS 1,651.10
Hydrous - GO 1,710.73
Hydrous - MG 1,646.70
Hydrous - NNE 1,395.89
Hydrous - PR 1,637.90
Hydrous - SP 1,670.90
(²) DATAGRO, without taxes
Sugar - 1st Future 11/16/2017
NY Sugar #11 (US$c/lb) - ICE 15.26
NY Sugar #16 (US$c/lb) - ICE 27.25
White Sugar #5 (US$/t) - ICEU 393,90
White Sugar Container (US$/t) - ICEU 395.90
Fuels - 1st Future 11/16/2017
Hydrous Ethanol (R$/m³) - BM&F -
Ethanol CBOT (US$/gal) - CME 1.3900
Gasoline RBOB (US$/gal) - CME 1.7137
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) - CME 55.14
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