Custom Reports

Services customized according to the needs of your company.

DATAGRO has a team of economists and statisticians with excellent training, working entirely in sectorial analysis and make use of best available analytical and statistical tools on the market. We seek to adapt to the reality of our customers to deliver a high quality customized service.

For a good performance of their businesses, we develop the Multi-Customers Reports according to the specific needs of each customer. We offer a unique consultancy service to serve your company where it really needs. Listed below are some of our key reports:

  • Analysis and monitoring of new projects
  • Ranking of sugarcane, sugar and ethanol (anhydrous and hydrous) production of the main Brazilian groups
  • Costs and competitiveness analysis of Brazilian production per sugar and alcohol production in Brazil, segmented by macro and micro sugarcane production regions
  • Costs monitoring
  • Customized assistance
  • Assessment of support price of anhydrous ethanol for exports and the respective equivalences in the domestic sugar and ethanol market

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Sugar Spot 11/16/2017
Crystal NNE¹ (RS/50kg) 63.92
Crystal SP² (R$/50kg) 64.48
VHP FOB Santos (US$/ton) 336.77
Sugar S India - Kolhapur (INR/100kg) 3,474.00
(¹) DATAGRO, with taxes (²) Cepea, with taxes
Ethanol (R$/m³) - Spot² 11/16/2017
Anhydrous - GO 1,769.10
Anhydrous - MS -
Anhydrous - NNE 1,690.18
Anhydrous - PR -
Anhydrous - SP 1,825.77
Hydrous - MS 1,651.10
Hydrous - GO 1,710.73
Hydrous - MG 1,646.70
Hydrous - NNE 1,395.89
Hydrous - PR 1,637.90
Hydrous - SP 1,670.90
(²) DATAGRO, without taxes
Sugar - 1st Future 11/16/2017
NY Sugar #11 (US$c/lb) - ICE 15.26
NY Sugar #16 (US$c/lb) - ICE 27.25
White Sugar #5 (US$/t) - ICEU 393,90
White Sugar Container (US$/t) - ICEU 395.90
Fuels - 1st Future 11/16/2017
Hydrous Ethanol (R$/m³) - BM&F -
Ethanol CBOT (US$/gal) - CME 1.3900
Gasoline RBOB (US$/gal) - CME 1.7137
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) - CME 55.14
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