Export Consultancy

The DEAG DATAGRO offers several services related to exports with agility and speed, monitoring the execution of the entire export process. As a consultancy company, we work based on strategies developed by the contracting company, seeking to combine our knowledge on Foreign Trade to our customers’ goals.

Last year, the DEAG managed over 500 exporting ships – producing over 1600 full sets of shipping documents – and volumes of 1.6 million metric tons of sugar and 320 thousand cubic meters of ethanol.

We work with exports of other agricultural products, such as concentrated juice, orange oil, soybean and coffee.

We are also specialized in clearance and issuance of container documents.

With the purpose of facilitating the exports project and making it the most advantageous possible for the customer, we provide the following services:

  • Analysis of contracts and business operations
  • Consultancy to pricing
  • Acquisition of licenses
  • Custom’s procedures
  • Issuing of all shipping documents, according to documental instruction
  • Negotiation of documents and investments in banks
  • Upon completion of each harvest of season, a CD bearing all copies of documents and history related to the shipments is sent to customers
  • Daily sending of clipping from news related to the sector and export logistics

For further information, please, contact: elis.santos@datagro.com



Sugar Spot 11/21/2017
Crystal NNE¹ (RS/50kg) 63.92
Crystal SP² (R$/50kg) 66.05
VHP FOB Santos (US$/ton) 328.04
Sugar S India - Kolhapur (INR/100kg) 3,453.35
(¹) DATAGRO, with taxes (²) Cepea, with taxes
Ethanol (R$/m³) - Spot² 11/21/2017
Hydrous - SP 1,689.60
Hydrous - PR 1,640.10
Hydrous - NNE 1,469.59
Hydrous - MG 1,646.70
Hydrous - GO 1,763.05
Hydrous - MS 1,673.10
Anhydrous - SP 1,860.77
Anhydrous - PR -
Anhydrous - NNE 1,695.55
Anhydrous - MS -
Anhydrous - GO 1,819.10
(²) DATAGRO, without taxes
Sugar - 1st Future 11/21/2017
NY Sugar #11 (US$c/lb) - ICE 14.88
NY Sugar #16 (US$c/lb) - ICE 27.30
White Sugar #5 (US$/t) - ICEU 393,90
White Sugar Container (US$/t) - ICEU 395.90
Fuels - 1st Future 11/21/2017
Hydrous Ethanol (R$/m³) - BM&F -
Ethanol CBOT (US$/gal) - CME 1.3920
Gasoline RBOB (US$/gal) - CME 1.7731
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) - CME 56.83
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